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Hero image showing the GraphDev app in action. A graphql request and json response are shown.

Intelligence built into it's core

We've tuned an AI assistant with schema-awerness. Here to help for anything related to your schema. GraphQL has never been smarter.

Schema-aware chat

An assistant with complete knowledge of your graph. Generate queries, discover types and provide accurate results about your schema.

A conversation between a user and schema-aware GraphQL chat bot.

Always in sync with your changes

Chat is always in sync with your latest schema. We introspect on a schedule and keep everything up to date.

A GraphQL schema being introspected and updated in real-time into a schema-aware chat.

Things change, snapshots don't

Bugs are hard to reproduce, but with shareable links you can share the exact state of a request/response pair with anyone.

Create shareable links

Create a snapshot of both the request and response. Share with public or private links.

A link with password representing a shareable GraphQL request

Team collaboration

Automatically share interactive requests between all team members. Perfect for larger teams or those that don't like to share links.

A team showing users with shared access to multiple GraphQL requests

Productivity beyond the standard

With feature like intellisense, schema introspection and collections we boost your productivity beyond other tools.

Organise with collections

Group requests into collections. Organise workflows, projects or anything else you can think of.

Collections of grouped requests related to GraphQL orders

Smart Intellisense

Get hints as you type with intellisense powered by your schema, all automatic, zero setup.

A GraphQL request being typed into a code editor with intellisense showing hints

Level up your productivity with GraphDev. Built by developers using GraphQL every day.

Web first

View requests directly in browser so you and your team can get started right away.

Export from inspector

Export requests directly from GraphQL Network Inspector for a seamless debugging experience.

Environment variables

Get running in seconds with environment variables. No more copying and pasting tokens.


Invite your team to collaborate on projects. Share requests and work together.

Cors no more

Proxy requests through the desktop agent and avoid CORS issues altogether.

Auto-delete requests

Schedule data removal on any schedule you like. Not everything needs to be kept forever.

GraphQL debugging reimagined. Ready to level up?

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